What i like about the pepsi re-branding

So yeah, you know that pepsi rebranded, they spent a lot of money doing it so i’m sure this isn’t news to you.

I’ve heard a lot of talk about how terrible this re-design is, and i’m indifferent either way, i don’t see justifying the amount of money they spend on re-branding everything around the world…. but hey, as long as people keep drinking the sugary-goodness who cares what it comes in. My personal favorite is an unmarked frozen mug from Ron’s Hamburgers in Bixby, Oklahoma, what good are your billions in rebranding now pepsi? Yeah, that’s what i thought.

My Point is though there is one aspect of this redesign that i haven’t heard anybody talking about. One aspect that i really was impressed with.

The E in the new Pepsi font is their old logo. (Yes i realize it’s reversed… you’re point?) What’s that pepsi? Screw you design naysayers we didn’t change the logo, we just made it small and threw it in the middle of the type. is that what i heard you say? yeah, i thought so.


(stole image from here)

pepsilogoevolution-imagecourtesyofchrisglass(stole image from here)

So did i miss the boat on this? Have people been talking about this already and i just don’t read the right blogs?
*Update: so the guy i stole the first image from has thoughts on the e in the pepsi logo too.

The lowercase “e” has a wavy distortion applied to the horizontal stroke that makes it resemble (presumably) the classic pepsi mark. To me, because it doesn’t curl up on the left-hand side, it looks like a sneering face or, worse: the shape that a Simpsons character’s mouth makes when belching.

It’s subtle, but everytime I see a Pepsi label (which is frequent), it’s like the “e” is printed in fluorescent pink ink. It’s all I can look at.

well said tim, you and me both.

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  • oak

    Perhaps ironically…my blog post that features the image you’re using represents my take in the very same “e.” the gist of the post is that the weird curl in the lower case “e,” reminds me of Homer Simpson burping.

    I hadn’t thought of it being based on the classic logo. Interesting point.

    • Ha, that’s awesome, i found that image on google images and linked back to your pepsi article. yours is the first other article that i’ve seen that mentioned the e resembling the former pepsi logo… i don’t get why they couldn’t have done the swoop the same way as the original logo, but whatever. they’re the ones making the big money so presumably they know what they’re doing… but then we come to the 2012 olympic logo…