the one where i’m called a POS

Update at bottom
our story begins as most tragedies do, with a craigslist ad.

the protagonist (me) sets the stage for failure with a simple email.

we’re introduced to the antagonist (shawn) in his natural habitat.
a simple, non-threatening email, begins this corespondance well enough. No gross spelling errors. (only one by my count – which is easily enough explained in the appendix of the email )

The following discourse ensues.

It was at this point in the story, that i took pause to contemplate whether this transaction should in fact take place. – can someone who has access to a full keyboard (via blackberry) be trusted* when they don’t take the effort to fully type out the word “and” or use an ampersand or slash mark? or the word “you”?

*The answer to this is of course: “No. They can not be trusted.”

Against my better judgement, i called Shawn and we arranged an agreed time and place (to which he was 15 minutes late) and i bought the printer for $20, and we discussed other items that he had to sell. – the next day he sent me an email to follow up on these items.

i was not really interested in the mac, but i knew some friends who would be, so i was seriously entertaining the idea of buying both pieces.  some research had led me to believe that a Sprint MiFi device will not at all work with virgin mobile.

Well hello pushy salesman, how are you today. – i would like to point out that “nothing needed for virgin, just activate and buy time.” is a flat out lie.
The following the big confrontation where the protagonist calls out the villian on is lies.

So that was Sunday night. i still had not had a chance to set the printer up and test it yet.

Act 2: “Monday” or “Hey your crap doesn’t work”

This is me, glad that i didn’t buy the other stuff he was selling.

I for one was not expecting to hear back from him, so when i did receive this, i was completely surprised.

A phone call was place. This is the basic gist of it.
“It was working perfectly at his house, and it must have been during the transportation in my trunk that it got all messed up. – try to blow it out with some compressed air and if that doesn’t work, i’ll be more than happy to clean it for you.” said the liar
“Ok, Great” said jon jackson.
Several days later, printer is still not working, i emailed shawn back.
No response.
A few more days later… i emailed again.
i did indeed get a response this time.
Wait, What? – let’s read that again.
Yeah, that’s what i thought it said.
after waiting  a little bit, i got to thinking, “Ok, maybe he’s just having a REALLY bad week, or maybe he was drunk, it was pretty late when he wrote that. – let’s give him the benefit of the doubt here, he seemed like a pretty cool guy – or at least not a total douche.”
Ergo, i response.
Heads up, not a misunderstanding, he’s just really a big douche.

Ok, totally cleared up now. Thanks Shawn.

Our final chapter. in which that jon jackson emerges as the larger man.

if there’s a moral of this story. if you live in Tulsa Oklahoma, and you think it’s a good idea to buy something from a guy named Shawn whose email address is shawn@h**** it is not.

here’s some of his postings now.


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