Printing transparencies on epson 1400 photo printer

This is mainly information for me, because i keep forgetting the best settings to use to print my transparencies.

here’s a part of the design in question that was being printed out.

1. i designed it in illustrator CS4. There is probably a way to do this in illustrator, but i’m not sure how, so for my purposes, i copy the design and then

2. Paste the design it into new photoshop file (RGB / 16 bit – THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. See results at the bottom.)

3. Add a layer of solid black above the design. (Set the lighting to “Overlay”)

4. Now you’re ready to print. These are the default settings that i found work best.


Results: (Below the “EG” file was not converted to RGB / 16 bit. – The Black part above that file was converted.)

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