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Turning Point Identity

The inspiration of the design is 3 fold.

  1. the shape is a combination of the letters “T” and “P”
  2. the shape is also a stylized icthus ( “Jesus Fish” )
  3. the negative shape inside the “P” is like a conversation bubble, or a map marker.

The name
The idea behind the name turning point is you have decisions in your life that determine the direction of your final destination. It’s ok to make a change in your life.

baucos logo design


concept started with clients idea for a yard sign, wanted four blocks which would be separated by three lines, the blocks would represent the 4 members of his family, and the lines would represent the trinity. (below is a rough comp to see if we were thinking the same thing on is idea)

Untitled-1From there, we chose a color palette which included dark green and bright green.

2009-09-04-135947i took the four element and three line idea and just made it into four boxes, then i extended the one box to create a stylized b. then the problem with the lines was either it was 2 line intersecting, or 4 lines that met in the middle


Then i decided to shift the bottom squares and turn it into more of a set of stylized cubes.

2009-08-27-143436Eventually after tweeking and what not with colors and spacing between the shapes, i decided that this ‘chevron’ style shape worked the best. now it has the four elements, as well as one line through the middle, and one line coming from the top and the other line from the bottom. – The client also liked it because he has a background in aviation.


this is the logo that we finally decided on with the bottom two shapes in the chevron consisting of four pieces seperated by three lines as the original idea called for.

i’m really happy with the way it came out, and so is the client. – which is always nice. 🙂 identity


(above is the final approved logo)


i’m working with a local company here in tulsa:

redesigning their website and all, but logo redesign was the first step.

teeoca logo

Proposed new logo:

proposed teeoca logo

Why is the “e” backwards?*


* Because both of them together make an equals sign.

by the way, don’t ever use they’re awful.