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don’t use this font.

Untitled-3so you’re thinking about using Papyrus because “It has that look to it. You know, the old like ancient font look…”

Yes, i know what you’re thinking, but that is in fact not the case. There is not an exception in which it might be ok to use it. And with the prevalence of freely available, and usable fonts there is not a reason for you to use papyrus.

I suggest you delete it (papyrus) right now, go ahead, i’ll wait. Even if you have to go and don’t come back to finish this article, you will have done yourself and mankind a favor – and while you’re at it, delete comic sans too.

Good question, may i recommend for your optical pleasure: Gothic Ultra OT


Where do i download it?

Font Squirrel

in case you want to see a little more before you go download this font, behold:

But wait, i really DO have an exception!
I don’t believe it, but i’m listening, let me know in the comments below.