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why should i use dropbox?

So this designer friend of mine said that he shared a folder with me via dropbox.com 
(Come on, use the referal link if you’re going to click, it’s the least you could do… freeloader.)

question: Why should i sign up for another service?
answer: Because you’re paying that designer for something… or if you’re not, maybe you should be.

question: how do i sign up if i received an invite.
answer: come with me, i’ll hold your hand. Here’s what you need to do:

1. Click on that “view the “WHATEVER THE NAME IS” folder that WHOEVER shared.


2.  you can see what type of files are in the folder and maybe that will help you determine whether you want to accept this folder or not.
A good rule of thumb is: if i sent it to you. THEN FREAKIN ACCEPT IT! I don’t do this because i don’t have better things to do.


3. Create a Free Dropbox Account.


OR if you’re already savy, then login to your dropbox account and accept it that way.

4. Here you have an option – i would recommend “download dropbox” but if you don’t want to, read below…


… So you’re a tool, and you don’t trust me? that’s ok. Maybe your network administrator won’t let you install stuff on your PC. that’s ok, i’ll hold your hand, just click on the “Dropbox website”


Then you’ll get a sweet looking interface like this:


“OH NOW i see why  you wanted me to get these files, you had something to share with me…”
Yep. that’s why. glad we’re banging on all cylinders now.

5. Holy Crap! What’s that recent events tab?
Oh not much, that’s just where you can see what the heck i’ve been doing, and when i’ve been doing it.


(hey, see that little RSS icon… you wouldn’t even have to log in to see what’s going on… but who are we kidding, if you had to read this article, you probably think that “RSS” stands for “Robots Serve Satan”.)

6. Ok so there’s the files now what?
Really? Do i have to bottle-feed you?
Check the files you want to download, then click “More Actions” / “Download File”


7. Send me an email telling me how awesome this is.
In Conclusion. i like dropbox.com