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that’s a video: defining and using custom patterns in photoshop

defining and using custom patterns in Photoshop

I’m using Photoshop CS4, but this works with several versions as well.

step 1: Open whatever you want to use to make the pattern,



step 2: Copy and Paste that design into a new  document,
Black and white, or transparent backgrounds work the best.


step 3: Select “Edit / Define Pattern…”
go do it.


step 4: Name that Pattern
have you named it yet?


step 5: Open the image you want to create a pattern on.
i can’t hold your hand all the time…


step 6: Create a New Layer.
This isn’t how i would do it, but it will work for you noob.


step 7: Layer / Layer Style / Pattern Overlay.
The WRONG way to do it is select / Fill.


step 8: Click on the Pattern dohicky, then choose your new pattern you just made.
Now click “OK” – Did i really just have to type that?


step 9: TADA!…nothing happened…
Yeah i know that. you have to have something for the pattern to work with.

step 9a: Fill that Layer with White.
Yes, Use the paint bucket. tool…


step 9b: And magically…
it looks like crap… but wait, there’s more.


step 9c: Under the Layers Menu
click the arrow by the “normal” dropdown box. then try Multiply (to leave the dark colors of the design) or Lighten/Screen (to leave the white part of the design)


step 10: double click on the effects you put on your white layer.
if you can find it…. it’s under layers / layer effects.


step 11: If by some miracle you’re back to this window…
By jove, you’ve done it.


step 12: Now adjust the Scale / Blend Mode and Opacity to your heart’s content…
Congratulations, you can read. now go try a book.


step 13 Done Already?
Yes. yes you are, and i don’t appreciate the sarcastic tone.