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How to print more than one page from an embedded scribd document

Ok, so you have a crappy powerpoint, or word document embedded on blog, because that web designer of yours insisted on you using wordpress for your website. He went on and on about "how easy it would be to work with it."


BUT now that you’ve got your document embedded,  somebody called you and said:

And you think to yourself "What in the world does that mean?"
and you send an email to your designer, and say:

and your designer says:

what the deal is, is when you go to the page, where the document is embedded

and click the "print" button, it only wants to print the current page that you are viewing.

See? it even says so…



So, what you need to do, is one of two things,

1. click the download button, and save that sucker to your harddrive.


2.a – click the "<> Share" button


2.b – and then the "Click Here" under the: Read on Scribd heading.


2.c – Now, you can print to your hearts desire.

and that my friends, is that.

The end.

that’s a video: defining and using custom patterns in photoshop

defining and using custom patterns in Photoshop

I’m using Photoshop CS4, but this works with several versions as well.

step 1: Open whatever you want to use to make the pattern,



step 2: Copy and Paste that design into a new  document,
Black and white, or transparent backgrounds work the best.


step 3: Select “Edit / Define Pattern…”
go do it.


step 4: Name that Pattern
have you named it yet?


step 5: Open the image you want to create a pattern on.
i can’t hold your hand all the time…


step 6: Create a New Layer.
This isn’t how i would do it, but it will work for you noob.


step 7: Layer / Layer Style / Pattern Overlay.
The WRONG way to do it is select / Fill.


step 8: Click on the Pattern dohicky, then choose your new pattern you just made.
Now click “OK” – Did i really just have to type that?


step 9: TADA!…nothing happened…
Yeah i know that. you have to have something for the pattern to work with.

step 9a: Fill that Layer with White.
Yes, Use the paint bucket. tool…


step 9b: And magically…
it looks like crap… but wait, there’s more.


step 9c: Under the Layers Menu
click the arrow by the “normal” dropdown box. then try Multiply (to leave the dark colors of the design) or Lighten/Screen (to leave the white part of the design)


step 10: double click on the effects you put on your white layer.
if you can find it…. it’s under layers / layer effects.


step 11: If by some miracle you’re back to this window…
By jove, you’ve done it.


step 12: Now adjust the Scale / Blend Mode and Opacity to your heart’s content…
Congratulations, you can read. now go try a book.


step 13 Done Already?
Yes. yes you are, and i don’t appreciate the sarcastic tone.