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wp_list_authors exclude one or multiple users based on name or userid

Skip to about 1:50 – the first part i thought i cut out, but i didn’t, so the first part is just rambling.

So currently (at the time of this video) wordpress doesn’t allow you to exclude specific authors based on id, so i found a fairly easy work around to make it happen for me.

These changes take place in the wp-includes folder / which means with every site upgrade these changes will be erased.
OTHER Notes: You may have to replace the “‘” characters when you copy the code or get a parse error.

firstly here is the code we’re talking about


Found in the wp-includes folder / author-template.php

If you want to exclude the admin from the list of authors, but you’re user isn’t named “admin” all you have to do is find the line of code:

if ( $exclude_admin && ‘admin’ == $author->display_name )

Somewhere around line 298

If you’re like me and you wanted to exclude multiple authors from the list, then what i did to accomplish that was:

Just after this code:

$author = get_userdata( $author_id );

and before this code:

if ( $exclude_admin && ‘admin’ == $author->display_name )

I added this if statement:

// begin that jon jackson’s code
if (($author_id == ‘1’) or ($author_id == ‘6’)){

// These two numbers were the id numbers of my two authors that i didn’t want to display

}else{ // continue original code

Around line 373 (for me), just before this line of code:

$return = rtrim($return, ‘, ‘);

i closed the if statement checking for those user ids

} // end that jon jackson’s code

How to for Career Development Partners – Fixing a broken div image in wordpress

tip: Be sure to click to watch this full screen, Or click here to watch the video on blip.tv
How to for Career Development Partners – Fixing a broken div image in wordpress when some images were deleted, the accompanying DIV tags were not kept, this is a video of how to troubleshoot.

made specifically for Angei at Career Development Partners.com

HOW TO: windows live writer posting to a self hosted wordpress blog

i just recently started using Microsoft Windows Live Writer for posting to my self-hosted wordpress website (running 2.91) and i love it, if you post info to a blog then you should try out this program, below is a video of me adding a post to my website with live writer. (Scroll down / push play)

ironically as i write this post it is from the wordpress dashboard.

embedding a private scribd document into wordpress 2.9.1

a quick video showing how to embed a private scribd.com document into your wordpress website. This is shown when the current wordpress version was 2.9.1.

Why would i want to embed a private document to make it viewable for the whole world on my website? Because the private setting keeps the scribd document from being indexed.

Would work best with password protecting your page/post in wordpress as well.