who is that?

So obviously i get asked the question, why do you go by “that jon jackson” good question.

i went to college at a small (cheap) Christian college where the majority of students had “christian names”
and for those of you who don’t know, “John” is one such “christian name” there’s even a book of the bible named John, not counting 1,2,and 3rd John

So anyway there were a plethora of Johns at this school.

My friends took it upon themselves to call me “jon jackson”  as a differentiator- my friends introduced me to their friends as “jon jackson” and so i became “jon jackson”

Around my sophomore or junior year i thought, jon jackson just wasn’t specific enough and in order to distinguish me from all of the other “jon jackson”on campus (there weren’t any) so i started calling myself “that jon jackson” and the rest as they say is… reguvinatory

– Jon jackson bonus round.
i don’t’ care if it interests you to know that my wife first took notice of me in an art class we shared when the teacher was calling roll andstopped on ‘jon jackson’ and said “I like that name… finally a good name that’s easy to pronounce”